At the mooring waiting for the first tests.
Once the stability test has been completed,
we are preparing to carry out the first engine start-up
and then continue with the sea trials.
C10-001 14.5m Tug Boat

21/12/2021 Embarking   of SB order of 47 m Sanlorenzo aluminum superstructure.

Ready to embark SA2 superstructure’s block… MY 47 m Explorer

Costruzione ed il montaggio di uno spoiler in alluminio per una imbarcazione a vela di 57 piedi, Gulliver 57. Un’operazione iniziata presso le nostre officine di Ameglia e conclusa a Varazze per le fasi di montaggio e saldatura a bordo.

Prima mano di protettivo alla sovrastruttura della nostra costruzione C10-001 14.5 m Tug Boat. .

Installazione e saldatura di masselli lavorati per due pavesatine in alluminio di un MY di 38 m..

Installazionel tunnel elica su ns costruzione C10-001 14.5 m Tug Boat.

20/11/2021 In corso le fasi finali della costruzione, presso le nostre officine, di un portellone di poppa di un MY di 38 m.

Construction of a stern hatch for a 38 m MY is going to finish at our facilities.

6/8/2021 -

La costruzione del primo ordine di sovrastruttura della MV146, 47 m Explorer Sanlorenzo, procede a gonfie vele !!

July 4th 2021 - Back to Bonifacio

July 5th 2021

Before and after....

July 2nd 2021 

Ready for Sea trials today for C10–003 passenger boat refitted after burning. Great work of a great team!

April 30th 2021

The bridge crane is installed ..... the completion of the shed proceeds fast !!!

April 20th 2021

Before......and (not quite ready for

April 12th 2021

Boarding of the 52 m hull bulb block, our C10-002, in progress .... Ready for boarding tomorrow of the deck block of the bow of the ship.

 April 7th 2021

C10-001 Tug boat 14.5 m under construction....

Supertructure jointed and ready for outfittings.

March 27th 2021

Superstructure of our C10-001 14.5 m Tug Boat embarked!

 Ready to continue welding the superstructure to the hull and setting up.

March 16th 

The repair of the burnt passenger boat continues unabated. Plating inserts completed, paving reconstruction is in progress, waiting to repair the main deck and the superstructure.

 March 11th 2021

Replacement of aluminum planking on C10-003.


March 2nd 2021 

The puzzle takes shape more and more ..... 52 m steel, C10-002 ....

Friday 12th February.

Another block of the 52m steel hull  that we are building for a famous Italian shipyard takes shape ....

Friday 12th February  

The refitting of 11 m passenger vessel burned before Christmas is started ! After a long towing from France the vessel has been hauled and transported at our yard.

February 8th 2021

New project for West Navaltech: refit for Oiseau des Iles

February 3rd 2021 - Steel hull construction of our 14.5 m Tug Boat C10-001 for Submariner srl is going on....

January 24th 2021 - 

Our C10-001 , 14.5 m tug boat for our customer Submariner srl, is growing up...

January 8th  2021 - Nostro concept per una imbarcazione Recoil in alluminio. Propulsione ad idrogetto o a linee asse come opzione. Quotazione economica di dettaglio già disponibile.

Our concept of aluminium Oil Spill Combat Vessel. Waterjet propulsion or shaft lines as option. Detailed quotation already defined.

January 13th Work in progress....

December 23rd -2020

Ultime operazioni prima della sosta natalizia.....Imbarco del blocco PC del ponte coperta di uno scafo di 52 m in acciaio. 

 Last works before Christmas... joint of main deck block of a 52 m steel hull.

December 15th 2020 - Un altro pezzo del puzzle... blocco PC 3 . 52 m steel .

November 29th Work in progress...

November 23th 2020 
The puzzle takes shape ...

November 16th 2020 Baglietto 52 m... Work in progress....

November 10th 2020 WN Tug C10-001 engineering....
work in progress...

November 3rd 2020

We are proud to announce that we started 1 week ago the hull's construction of new Baglietto 52 m , C10238 !!!

November 3rd 2020 
Ready to start building our first workboat, C10-001, 14.5 m Tug Boat. Contract Signed !