West Navaltech Srl was established consequently to a prolonged collaboration between Eng. Livio Franchini and West Africa trading Company Srl.  

Eng. Livio Franchini, after his classical studies,  graduated in Naval Engineering at the University of Genoa. Once terminated his studies he built his career working firstly at a construction site of work boat units specialized in the maintenance and repair of the Italian Navy and the Italian coast guard vessels . In recent years as technical director and project manager he overlooked  the construction or total refitting of over 10 work boats units. These vessel were mostly 14 to 50 meters in length. Furthermore he was in charge of  the construction of 11 hulls and respective superstructures in steel and / or aluminum from 39 to 70 meters in length.

West Africa Trading Company srl opened its doors in 2000, making use of previously accumulated experience tracing back to 1970 in the supplies and processing sector with the Navy (Arsenale della Spezia) and in shipbuilding.

Our activity in these two sectors have allowed us to come into contact with many primary Italian suppliers, with which we held fruitful commercial relationships.

Since the year 2000 we supply naval spare parts to foreign companies in the field of diving, electrical and mechanical works, marine research and oil extraction.

In order to carry out these activities at best, West Africa Trading Company Srl has supplied a number of patrol boats to foreign shipowners.

West Africa Trading Company also takes care of the procurement of any component necessary for the maintenance of these patrol boats.

These activities allowed us to contact and build relationships with some of the major naval engine manufacturers and suppliers of equipment.

The experience gained and the future prospects in the work boat market have led us to consider the opportunity to expand our business in the naval sector with the set up of a new company "WEST NAVALTECH Srl” in partnership with the Eng. Livio Franchini.